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Looking for an estate planning attorney in Alameda?

At Tseng Law Firm, we want to be your guide in helping you secure your essential estate planning needs. We are dedicated to educating and counseling you on your planning options that address all your unique needs and concerns. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that you, your loved ones and property will be protected during your lifetime and afterwards.

Contact us via telephone (510-835-3090) or just e-mail us if that’s more convenient ([email protected]) to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, and find out more about how we can help bring you peace of mind.

Looking for Online Estate Planning Documents?

Now you can opt-out of the probate court system by creating your own estate plan! Your Legacy Lives is an online do-it-yourself resource dedicated to empowering Californians to protect their loved ones by creating their own high quality wills, trusts, and other important estate planning documents.

Attorney Heather Reynolds founded Your Legacy Lives to share the wealth of information surrounding estate planning and empower families to take control of their personal, medical, and financial decisions. This allows people with no legal training, and who may not have the financial resources necessary to pay attorney fees, to protect their loved ones and assets in an easy and affordable way.

Looking For a Peaceful Getaway to Do Your Estate Plan?

Imagine a week in paradise to complete your estate plan with plenty of time. Most of us squeeze out a couple of hours on a weekend to quickly find the answers to some of the most important decisions we’ll ever make – who will raise our children if we’re not here, for example. The quality of your plan depends on the quality of your answers. Imagine what’s possible if you’re not drafting it from fear, but from “how can I contribute?” What if your estate plan was just a continuation of your life’s purpose beyond your physical form?

Sometimes we’re able to accomplish more even AFTER were gone, if we put our mind to it and our heart in it. I recommend starting your stay with a massage, a guided meditation, a good rest and then let Heather Reynolds do the hard part – the documents themselves. You’ll leave having completed your entire estate plan.

Dear Clients & Colleagues,

I’m so excited to share that after almost 20 years of serving as an estates & trust lawyer, my dream has come true.  At the end of June, my husband and I are moving to Kona, Hawaii, to spend more time near the ocean while we launch our new bed & breakfast.  Although we always thought this would be a “someday” move, we never expected it to happen so fast!

During the next three months, I am planning to complete all the current cases on my desk and beginning in July, I will make myself available on a limited basis until February 2017. This will create a stress free transition from working with me to working with Sabrina Tseng, the fabulous attorney I have chosen to take over the firm.

I’d like to introduce you to Sabrina Tseng. I’m excited for you to meet her and to learn about the value she brings to the firm.  Sabrina has been an attorney since 2004, graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law and she was a Berkeley grad before that.  Having grown up and practiced in the Bay Area, she will retain the current office space in Alameda for ongoing continuity of service and attention.

Sabrina is excited to get to know you. Like me, she will take very good care of you and your estate and trust needs. We share similar philosophies and you can count on her to provide the same quality of service that you’ve come to expect while working with me.  In addition, she will continue offering complimentary consultations to all new clients.  You can learn more about Sabrina at
Although I will be living in Kona, Hawaii, I will continue to be “of counsel” to Sabrina, if she needs assistance.  The Internet makes communication and meetings easy from anywhere in the world.  You always have the right to retain other counsel, and unless you notify me within 90 days (by June 23), Sabrina will represent you.  If you have anything that needs completing before I leave, please make an appointment with either of us as soon as possible. Although you have all original documents in your possession, you are always entitled to your electronic copy of your file here and may request it at any time.
I hope that all of your dreams come true, and thank you for the privilege of sharing your world with me.  Over the years I have come to cherish our relationship and I will miss you! Knowing you will be in the competent hands of a like-minded attorney makes this a win win situation for all of us.

You are welcome to come visit me — just go to  I will be realizing my dream of being an advocate for the ocean and leading retreats.


Heather Reynolds